Asymmetry, bob style, carré — our hairdressers have a variety of hairstyles for ladies to enjoy. Our masters will carefully select a hairstyle on an individual basis depending on your face type, colour of your eyes, and your image. We can create a look and style for you to feel confident and build your self-esteem!


For men, the change of a hairstyle is rarely a matter of concern; however, most of them are eager to be well-groomed and appeal to the weaker sex. A nice hairdo will help accentuate your fortes and conceal any flaws that you may think you have. A suitable stylish haircut gives a man confidence and appeals to others, which is always an edge in both personal affairs and business. Our masters will help you choose the right look to emphasize your individual character and make it relevant and up-to-date.


At the moment, there is an unfathomable variety of types of hair colouring — highlighting, Californian highlight, airtouch, 3D colouring, balayage, shatush, ombre, and many more. Our clients sometimes spend more than five hours in our salon to achieve the desired shade and effectively stand out.


A century ago, no self-respecting lady would ever leave her home without make-up and impeccably arranged hair. Few follow this rule in our age, but what about celebrations? A woman wants to look perfect; therefore, elegant curls, stylish hairdos, evening or wedding hairstyles will become a charming decoration of your important day.


Naturally, every woman understands the importance of taking loving care of her hair, because hair is one of the essential adornments of both women and men. A poor environment, weather conditions, permanent chemical impact on hair makes it lifeless. Masks, hair botox, top quality products for hair care at home, oils and nutritional products for hair — they all help recover the healthy shine and beauty of your hair.


Many women dream of having long and opulent hair, and women love a fresh look every now and then. Now, you can make your dreams come true in just a few hours and change your image every week, if you please. For extensions we use high quality Slavic hair. The main types of extensions in our salon are band extensions, capsule extensions and cold nano-extensions, an all-new state-of-the-art exclusive type.


Well-groomed hands with an impeccable manicure, whether on a female or a male, will delight not only their owners, but also people around them. Classical manicure, touching and innocent French manicure, exotic Japanese manicure or therapeutic manicure are all available in the cosy atmosphere of the ECLAT parlour in our team of certified specialists.


Our feet are exposed to an enormous burden — in the morning they take us to work, in the evening, to the gym, during weekends, to the dance floor, and if shopping is also planned, then there will be no beautiful feet without proper regular care! ECLAT masters will take the best possible care of your feet, even if you have serious problems. Pamper your feet as often as you can, and do not damage them wearing uncomfortable shoes!


For the first time, a woman had her eyelashes extended back in 1927 thanks to Max Factor, a legendary figure. A Hollywood actress became the first happy owner of artificial eyelashes. Since then, the quality of lashes has substantially improved. They look more natural, last for about a month, and emphasize the expressiveness of your eyes.


From time immemorial a woman has striven for beauty and harmony in everything, but she always starts with herself. The history of make-up began thousands of years ago, but women still try to do their utmost to accentuate their natural beauty and conceal flaws with the help of makeup.


Permanent makeup or tattoo is a perfect solution for those who do not like to spend a lot of time in the morning in front of their mirror. It will not leave smears or smudges in a bath or a pool; it will remain stable throughout the day. You are always in excellent shape, be it sundown or sunup!


They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, so the eyebrows are its frame. Eyebrows are a visible indicator of our emotions and feelings, so an incorrect shape of eyebrows or lack of expressiveness can change other people’s perception of our state of mind.


Cosmetologists working at our beauty salon use classic care products by the world’s leading manufacturers of professional cosmetics, along with state-of-the-art nanotechnologies with the application of an airbrush. The airbrush helps care products penetrate deeper layers of the skin, strengthen, nourish, rejuvenate and moisturize it without any injections or damage to the skin.


An experienced masseur at our salon has mastered various massage techniques, including classic massage, deep-tissue massage, anti-cellulite massage, Tibetan massage, warm volcanic stone massage, aroma massage, and many more. Body wraps and scrubs are extremely popular. Our certified professional also provides a range of services in the prevention and treatment of locomotor system diseases.


Now, sugaring is only one type of hair removal at the salon. Sugaring is performed with the use of sugar paste or caramel. Sugaring is considered to be one of the safest and least painful methods of hair removal. The main advantages of sugaring include the absence of ingrown hairs, long-lasting effect following the procedure, and minimal risk of allergic reactions, burns or inflammation on sensitive skin areas.