The ECLAT beauty parlour was founded in 2015 by Ksenia Rassadkina, who already had 14 years of experience as a hair stylist. Ksenia opened her first ECLAT beauty salon in downtown Rotermanni district. From the very first days the beauty parlour established itself as an elite salon with an impeccable design and a tight-knit friendly team of professionals. To the left — photo of the first ECLAT salon.

The middle of 2016 saw the high-profile opening of a second parlour, as ECLAT moved to a more suitable place, located in the business centre of Tallinn. The grand opening was attended by more than 300 people — friends and appreciative customers. Over the two years since the opening of the second salon, the number of subscribers has increased to 2,800 people, and its resident professionals have earned their excellent reputation for being true masters of their trade, who can be relied on even in most desperate cases.

By the beginning of 2018, the area of the parlour had doubled owing to its growing popularity. In the revamped ECLAT salon, new services appeared, including permanent make-up, make-up, cosmetology services, massages, and photography services. Furthermore, in the ECLAT parlour, the range of hair extensions significantly expanded, their quality improved, and new types of extensions were introduced. In the middle of 2018, ECLAT began licensed training in hair extensions, as well as crash courses on various beauty-related subjects.