Well-groomed hands with an impeccable manicure, whether on a female or a male, will delight not only their owners, but also people around them. Classical manicure, touching and innocent French manicure, exotic Japanese manicure or therapeutic manicure are all available in the cosy atmosphere of the ECLAT parlour in our team of certified specialists.


Маникюр классический 16 €
Маникюр классический с лаком 18 €
Маникюр с гель-лаком 25 €
Наращивание гелевых ногтей 45-50 €
Коррекция гелевых ногтей 28-30 €
Ремонт одного ногтя 2-3,5 €
Японский маникюр (лечебный) 25 €